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Lost In Laos

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Hello from Laos, and first of all apologies for wait of my blog, we have been away from civilisation for a while on remote islands in the mountains, and again loving the 27 hour hour seated bus journeys.

Im not totally sure the last time i kept you all up to date, but we have now finished our trip from the South to the north of Vietnam, the whole country was awesome, the scenery got better the further north we headed but the locals seemed to get more grumpy the further north we went. We met two Canadian guys who we finished the our Nam trip with, and were already planning to visit them in the Rockys!!

Anyway so from Hoian in Vietnam we headed up to Hanoi, staying in Backpackers Hostel, where we booked our trip to Ha long Bay, it was a 3 day trip 2 nights, and has been the best part of Vietnam, it was amazing, we cruised into the bay for about 2 o clock then got some kayaks and paddled around the floating villages, which are like 2 hours from the mainland and they have a floating school and hospital its wicked. After paddling around for a bit we headed to a island watched the sunset, and a boat picked us up and took us back to the ship which we were sleeping on, it was all very romantic!!

After getting back to the ship they laid on an amazing spread of sea food and after dinner the antics followed with bottles of rice vodka only $1 a bottle, it was good times had by all. The next day we had an early start and we headed to the hostels own island where was only like 20 of us just chilling in hammocks, I went for a 2 hour kayak again, to a wicked lagoon and around some mire deserted limestone islands, it was wicked.

After the main event in Halong Bay we headed back had one more evening in Hanoi, and took our trip to Vientiane in Laos, this was to be our worst bus journey yet!! we left the hostel at 5 30pm got to the bus at 6pm, and were expecting to leave around then, we didn't end up leaving till 8pm waiting for the bus to be filled with luggage and more and more locals, there was break makers, back packs ironing boards all sorts on the roof of the bus and about 30 extra people sitting and lying in the isle!! we eventually left Hanoi bus station to, get get 30 mins out of the city and broke down, which we were stopped for another half an hour. We eventually got going and had a few hours sleep , then reached the border at around 6am so the first 12 hours were out of the way, and we had made it into Laos after further ridiculous bureaucracy rubbish. we headed into the mountains and rain forest of Laos and it was amazing sights, but 4 hours in the bus got a little bogged down with the steepness of the hills, and the bus driver asked us all to get off and and walk about a mile up the hill so he could get up it!!! after a little brisk walk we started to make progress again, until we reached about 30 mins out from the sleepy capital of Vientiane, there was a massive Bang and the back right wheel of the bus decided to have a blow out, by this time after around 26 hours on the bus and probably 4 hours of sleep it was pretty flipping annoying!! Anyway we eventually reached our destination, and a much needed show and tooth clean was in need, and of course some more NOOOOOODLES!

After a good kip we headed to Vang Vieng only a short 3 hour bus journey north of Vientiane, we we met up with Ruth and Leah, who we met in Hoi an, and headed tubing, which is the craziest thing in the world its been a wicked few days, of chilling next to a river dancing to some wicked music and swinging from about 20 25ft into the river and floating down to the next bar. the locals are pretty awesome on the swings and pull of front and back flips into the water.

Tubing has been cool, and its been brilliant meeting up with loads of people we have met along the way, however goosey decided to split his head open on a girls hip yesterday so we had to go to the hospital but hes all good, and the hospital were surprisingly good, even if they wouldn't treat them until we paid, and with the cash points not working it was a mad rush looking around to find the cash! All is still good though we planning on heading to go back to Bangkok tomorrow for a night its all chilled out there now so don't worry about us too much, hope all is well at home and I hope i'll be able to write sooner the next time.

Peace in the Far East


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Making Our Way North Slowly

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Good Day Dudes and Dudettes,

Hope everyone is well and the summer has started to arrive in England??

Goosey and i are still in Nam, we have left the hospital;ity of Mui Ne which was awesome the guesthouse we were in were so friendly and, the last night we were there they allowed us to stay for free until 1 am which was when we were catching our bus, and they gave us free food etc aswell it was classic, we were sat down at their bar, and the vietnamese manager cam up to us and asked us if we wanted food or not and we graciously accepted, he said it was no problem..... gestured a frying pan cooking motion..... Stating "WOMAN" pointing to the the kitchen, hes got them well trained.

Mui ne was quiet but also pretty cool we chilled with the locals getting the slack line out, putting it up between two palm trees which they loved.

the day before we left we hired some mopeds which were about 45 years old, we took them to the dunes, and on the way mine broke down, but luckily one of the locals helped sort me out, the costline was amazing especially as there was a very dramatic storm looming in the distance.

Well at 1am we left Mui Ne waiting for the bus in a massive electrical storm, the bus drove straight past him so we chased him down the road in the pooring rain, ended up getting on the bus abvsolutely drenched..... not best pleased as we had to sleep.

We made it to Nah Trang at about 6 in the morning, with the same dudes offering us "cheap cheap Nice Hotel, 10 dollar", starts to get on ur tits a little but just gotta laugh!!

Anyway we eventually decided to to take the recommendation of our trusty book and stayed in Backpackers Hostel for 3 nights, which was nice and handy next to the Red Apple Bar.

The first day we were there we did very little, took a trip to the beach which was cool, but no tropical paradise as there are high rise all down the strip, and again slept recovering from a sleepness night on the bus.

The second day was cool, we again hired mopeds this time sharing with goosey giving me a bvackey to monkey island which we headed to with Nadja a slovenian, and David a vietnamese Yank. as soon as we got on the island there was a massive tropical storm, so a few of us ventured into the sea while it passed,
We then went to see the monkeys with some food, they are cheeky little gits, one distracting you with puppy eyes then the other jumping from the tree nabbing the bag from your hand.

That evening we headed to Sailors Club, which we were suggested to go to by Dave the yank, so we headed over there, it was really cool, a bit more expensive than the red apple, but we found our Beach Babes........

Our last day in Nah Trang, we just bummed around on the beach again catching the sun ALOT, making the 11 hour bus journey up the coast to Hoi An a little more uncomfortable than we wouldve liked but, we are loving life still. Oh and the journey was very much livened up when we hit a cow at about 30 mile an hour casusing the Bus to have a smashed up front left bumper and lights, and the cow to have a really sore backside, not sure it will survive RIP Daisy :(

We have just arrived in Hoi An a little jaded and hot but the area looks really nice its very quaint with a mixture of French, Japanese, and Chinese Architecture, the old town reminds me a little of Annecy, Probs gonna head to the nearby beach tomorrow, will hopefully put some photos up sometime in the next few days, hope you are all well.

Peace in the Far East


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Cambodia to Vietnam

Generic - our word of the week

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Bonjour mon petite Chou fleurs. We are now in vietnam after travelling from siem reap via phnom penh in cambodia, and then catching a bus from phnom penh (where we were offered to blow up a cow with a rocket launcher or AK-47) through the Nam border, we arrived in Saigon spent about half hour there, and we weren't overly enamoured by the city so went to the nearest travel agent, hopped on the next bus and travelled another 5 - 6 hours and arrived in Mui Ne..... So we have finally made it to the beach and we are loving it!

But before the journey described above and reaching the beach, we have had 2 more days in siem reap one of which we just stayed in our guest house, and wondered the town, the other we spent visting the temples waking at 4.20am to make the sun rise over Angkor Wat. This was an incredible sight and hopefully we should have some wicked pictures that our Swiss friend (who reminds me very much of Bruno) will send us sometime, as our camera ran out f battery.

After siem reap we caught a bus to Phnom Pehn yet again arriving with no where to stay we luckily shared a tuk tuk with an Aussie girl who knew where to head, we arived at Happy Guest house,after tearing around the streets of phnom penh where Motos must out number cars 100-1. The guest house which was so quiet and relaxed, with loads of other travellers , it was all built over the lake which it overlooked, so we had to endulge in a few cheeky beers, and a burger after our long journey, and then took time to watch the sunset sitting in a hammock, which were scattered about hanging from the beams which held the place up.

We spent two nights in happy guest house and then made our journey to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), which took around 5 hours, upon arrival we decided to sack of another city stay and head to the beach asap and save our money we'd spend in Saigon on our bus fare, so we were looking at another 3 hour journey, hopefully arsriving at 6 pm, instead the traffic was nuts getting out of Saigon and we made it to Mui Neh at 9pm, all in all we'd been on a bus for around 11hours. So we wondered the street of this little ghost town trying to find somewhere to stay, it's so quiet, as it's low season. We found somewhere for the night but checked out early and looked elsewhere in the morn and we are now staying somwhere alot cheaper but nicer, where they do the most amzing chilli con Carne, best though!

So mui neh is a Cool kite surfer place to hang out, and to be honest we have not really done much but sunbathe and lie on the beach, and muck about in the sea, to be honest it's my kind of life... Minus the babes, there's a lack of beach babes that hopefully will arrive further up the coast!! We are thinking of getting a moto for the day today or tomorrow heading to some dunes and poss waterfalls etc, but just seeing how it goes really, the sun is hot the food is fishy, the sea is blue, and goose is rashy! Suffering from a dodge case of prickly heat, but still in very good spirits loving the Nam experience everyone seems to be gettig friendlier the further we travel. Love to all back home.

Peace In The Middle East

C&G - By the way written on I pod touch so apologies for any dodgey spelling, sat in 35 degree sun xxx

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Been Away for a Week

apparently i should blog more often......

sunny 38 °C

Well then Goose and I have been away for a week now, and we are really missing England.....NAHHHHHHHHHHT!!

You'll all be glad to know we have made it out of Bangkok, things were getting pretty dodge to be honest, we were both getting pretty anxious to get out of there to be honest, but we had to wait a few days for a visa to be done for us, and with the kings birthday meaning a bank 'holiday it all took a bit longer than we would've wanted.

Anyway we have arrived in Siem Reap now, after a beasty journey which involved a very early start at 4 am to catch a train at 5 55am bit of a killer. we bought our train ticket for just 48 baht, about a quid and went on our journey for 5 and a half hours, to Aranya Prathet, from there we took a tuk tuk, who was part of a scam taking us to a fake border tryin to charge us 1200 baht for our Cambodia visa, luckily i had read in our guide book about the scams, told the tuk tuk driver where to go, and he eventually took us to the right place (Poipet)39600_4553..27453_n.jpg

After passing through the border and filling out 5 forms, and some skilled bartering to get te visa for the correct price instead of the inflated prices the authorities try and get you to pay, we then had to take a shuttle bus to the bus station, which we shared with some American girls.... at the bus station there are all sorts of tickets you can get and the communication between us and the Cambodians wasn't so great, prices varying from 9 to 15$ leaving straight away, or a 3 hour wait!! some how we manged to get a shared taxi (with American girls) for 10$each for a 2 hour journey,

We arrived in Siem Reap and found our hostel from the guide book again which is a life saver, paying 5 $ a night split between 3 as we have now found a Swiss dude who is with us called Laurent, so we are teaching him some english phrases, and chatting some pigeon french but hes very good at english,69154_4553..71470_n.jpg39606_4553..88930_n.jpg

So we had our first night in our little hut with a fan, with the temp not really going down below 30 degrees hot stuff. and woke early again to head to the temples, at a place called Angkor Wat, they are incredible, magical even like somehting from Tomb raider or Indiana jones they were prety sick, o and by the way we hired bikes for the day for 1$ so we were cycling around loving life doing it how the locals do, however goosey did take us on a slight diversion adding around 5 kms to our journey there!! having bikes was brilliant as we cud go where and when as we pleased. we ended up cycling around 25 30 km in around 38 degrees, drinking around 6 litres of water each with no exaggeration, it was a sick experience!!66288_4553..90718_n.jpg

We are heading to Angkor what again tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise as its meant to be amazing, no bikes this time though, as we bartered a tuk tuk driver down to 6 dollars for the day for his services, to take us around some more temples, so only paying an extra dollar each instead of bikes.67460_4553..74742_n.jpg69494_4553..12130_n.jpg

So that's our movements for the last few days, we both safe, having a wicked tim, and plan to move to Phnom Penh in like 3 days, and from there to Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

Peace in the Middle East

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Journey and Arrival

overcast 32 °C

Me and goosey have now arrived in Bangkok, and heres our first Blog!!

We havent got loads to write for our first post as we have only been here for one night, but we have some time so thought wed just say bonjour!!

The flight was fine no delays etc, and we had three seats between the two of us so I(Chris) was very very happy to stretch my gangly legs!

Goosey some how managedf to sleep for the whole flight unless he was having a nosebleed!

I nearly shat my pants when on the application for entry to Thailand it said about VISA number, and we had sorted nothing but it turned out i was organised and it is VISA on arrival.

We had our first night in bangkok, and stayed in a nice B&B, and the host loves me!! but we are leaving her this evening for a cheaper place we found on our travels this morning, hopefully the fan will be better than the AC in the B&B.72522_4553..86629_n.jpg

Were thinking we are only going to be about 2 more nights in Bangkok, longer than first thought but there are no signs of problems with riots, so dont worry we are both safe!! Apart from one lady boy grabbing Gooses tackle! (jokes)71838_4553..14013_n.jpg

We met a German bloke also called chris aswell, he is sound and it means we have been able to share the costs, he is leaving us when we head north to travel south.68471_4553..57782_n.jpg

All is good and we are both safe, Take it easy all of you Peace in the Middle east

C&G x

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