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Its been a while........

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First of all I am very happy to congratulate my big sis on having her first little baby.... Little Ella!! she is very cute, and I am proud to be her uncle!

So hello again... its been almost a 2 months since I let you guys know what I am up to but im sure Ma, Al and maybe Ol have kept you up to date with what my plans are, and what ive been doing.

So when I last left you we were in Sydney, which was awesome fun and we actually ended up staying there for 10 days rather than the 3 that we had planned as we never got round to booking our bus up north, eventually we booked the bus and headed to our first stop of Byron bay. Another overnight bus which was luxury compared to the ones we had faced in Asia, but still sleeping on a bus is never the most desirable place, but once we arrived in Byron it was worth it.

Even though it was meant to be coming to the end of winter, the weather was awesome and it was nice to be wearing shorts and sunnies again, after the chill and rain that we faced in Sydney. So byron was another very nice beach and chilled out place, with some pretty awesome sunsets, and dolphins and whales spotting just of the coast aswell it was pretty cool, we were there as the whales where breaching so there was alot of action and splashes in the water. we spent 3 nights in Byron, and after headed up to Surfers Paradise.

Surfers wasnt what we expected, as we kind of thought it would be an area for surfers!! However it is a massive city highrised area, and Main Beach, is definitely not for surfers, however it is still a pretty cool area, very hip, almost the LA of Australia I guess, theres definitely a lot of money around, with fancy cars, impressive houses and yachts in the harbour areas. Even though it was a more expensive area, we were still able to get up to some mischief travelling style with some cheap nightly excursions orgainsed by the hostels, although Goosey didnt seem to have much staying power as the nights went on...... and ended up waking with a wetter bed than he fell asleep in. Surfers was cool, and we also met up again with a girl me met in asia (Leah) who lives near the area, and she and her family were kind enough to have us over for dinner one evening, which was ace as a good feed always goes down well!!

After Surfers we headed to Brisbane, whcih was onyl a short 2 hour journey, but befre we left and all the way there and for the first day we were in Bris, we experienced the full force of Queensland storms, they were very impressive, but didnt make us too happy. So we did the usual, and wondered the city for the first day in the rain, and then the rest of the time we were there the weather was pretty banging, so we chilled out in some of the nice parks, and generaslly enjoyed ourselves. Brisbane is a cool place, very new buildings like alot of Oz, but even the CBD was very chillaxed and theres some wicked museums and galleries, which sit on the river that winds throught he city.

Anyway from Brisbane, we headed to Hervey Bay, to do the Fraser Island trip which goose and I both agreed was the highlight of the Oz trip, It was four days with some awesome people we met from Bristol, who really were nuts, and fraser island was a wicked place, beautiful place differnet from anythin id seen before, it has massive sandunes falling into freshwater lakes, with a rainforest backing, it was wicked. then other lakes which are so clear, with white sand beds, they were wicked and id love to go back. Then also rivers or mangroves that are so clean that you can drink from them as the water has taken 100 years or more to pass through the rock. And to top that off, the wildlife is also wicked, we had man eating dingoes wondering our camps, and man eating great whites swimming the sea, and whales dolhpins mating, and massive sting and manta rays cruising the cliff shores. Aaaaand on top off that when, when we got back from the sights, we had a lovely tent to sleep in and a Big bonfire to sit sing dance and drink the night away next to, and to top that off there were some more lovely people who joined us from another camp ;)!!!

After Fraser everything got very rushed as during the stop in Hervey we had decided to move on to New Zealand early, as money was running short for both of us, so we headed all the way up to Cairns, where we slept in the airport again flew back down to Sydney where we met some of the Wallabies, who were heading toof to play the Saffas in Prettoria.

Anyway after a good nights sleep in cairns and a flight to sydney we made it to Auckland, and took a flight to Chrsitchurch to catch up with Gooseys and now my, mate James!! Who had a funfilled night ready for us as soon as we arrived in Christchurch at 9pm, as he helps manage a bar/club in town. We spent 2 weeks staying with James and his student housemates, which was really good fun, and it was cool to see how students in NZ are the same as students in UK. New Zealand is a beautiful conurty and it would be brilliant to spend more time there. We headed into the Port hills for a day, which were very similar to the lake district but more dramatic, and well.... just cooler, talking about cooler, it was freezing in NZ after 30-40 degrees in Bali, to 20 in OZ to 0-10 in NZ it was freezing!! Not my thing. We headed into the mountains aswell just to make us chill even more, and it was the end of their skiing season so there was still plenty of snow on the peaks which was pretty impressive, I think goosey can see himself going out to do a ski season there already.

Well then, talking of Goosey I am sad to say I have lost the little blighter, and he is now back with you guys in the UK, although he did almost miss his flight from Christchurch. we had a wicked time travelling together and now I do miss him a little bit as he's left me to carry on my journey, as i have headed back to Oz to work. I stayed in the gold coast for a round a month and had a sales job for a week which I hated so i have now headed back down to NSW and will start work in sydney sometime this week working as a labourer on construction sites.

The Summer here is coming and I cant wait. Hope all you guys back home are all well, and i will try an write again soon, will put some phots on as well.

Mush love and for the first time From just me, Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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The Start Of OZ!

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Well we have arrived in Australia, flying from Bali via Melbourne, then into Sydney at 1025 July 24th, when flying in we had a great view of the city, and it just reminded me of 10 years ago when i visted last.

We are staying at the D- lux hostel, which is a crazy place with loads of young dudes, who a lot of them have been here for months, working. Its in the Kings Cross area of town and isnt far walking distance from the Center, Darling Harbour, The bridge etc at all, so weve jsut been crusing around like normal really walking talking and gazing at stuff.

Think we did the main tourist attractions in a day the first time we arrived, going to The Opera house, Harbour Bridge, Botanical Gardens, The Rocks, and few more, but probs head to the beach sometime, although its pretty chilly, theres meant to be a really cool walk along the cliffs from Bondi Beach to somewhere.

We are planning on staying in sydney about a week, then head up the east coast until we get to cairns or maybe past cairns if we are adventurous.

So far the two days we have had here have been sick, we are just going to get things sorted like buses etc, then make our way.

Cheers people xxxxx

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First of all a Massive Happy 80th Birthday to Granddad for yesterday and have a wicked weekend this weekend, wish i could have played some golf with you all..... but Ive been on a pretty wicked beach on Lombok most of the day today, white sand beaches, and turquoise seas so its been alright, then we have watched the tri nations, and The Open will follow later with a few Bintangs, the local brew of Indonesia.

we Have been on Lombok for 2 nights now, the first day we hired motos as we did in vietnam, but these ones were a lot more classy, more like 2 years old rather than 20, and were automatic, so we cruised north where the beaches have massive steep shelves, and some pretty good fun currents and waves to float about in for a few hours. We then hit a spot of trouble, as the road was being ripped up, and in the end had to turn back as we were driving in a four and one of the girls fell off a few times due to the dodgy surface.

I cant really believe how quick time is flying, but this time next week we will be in Sydney, which goose and i are looking forward to a lot, as we will hopefully attract less attention from the locals trying to sell Transport, Magic Mushrooms, Opium, Ladies, and Marijuana. Also ill be able to get out the sleeping bag Olly gave me which i haven't used yet, apart from one night in Phuket Airport, as its been much much too hot.

Over the next few days we have planned to hire Motos again and carry on our journey along the coast both north and south as there's some wicked surf points to check out, waterfalls, snorkeling spots, and volcanoes, the next few days should therefore be a lot busier!!

Other than this we have to make our way back to Bali which isn't too much of a mission compared to other journeys we have done, just a 4 hour ferry journey and 3 hour bus, so its pretty simple. we will spend a night in Seminyak, with our favorite hospitable Indonesian guest house guys, and then take the 8 hour flight to Oz, and carry on our journey blending in a bit more!!

Lots of love to all

Love from Indo C&G xxx

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Bali, And Tomorrow Lombok

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Salam - Hello in Indonesian,

So we have been n Indonesia now for the last two weeks or so, and have been living a very modest, chilled out island life. We arrived in Kuta, Bali on the 28th of June, and stayed there for a few days considering our options about where to go next around the island or by catching a ferry and do some island hopping.

We eventually decided to do some island hopping as staying on Bali felt more like being in Aus, as its the Australian holidays at the moment they were everywhere. So we made a very short journey down the coast of Bali to a quiet village called Sanur, stayed there for a night and took the public boat to an island off the coast called Lembongan. The public boat takes all sorts of produce needed for the islanders from chickens to literally kitchen sinks!!!

we stayed in Lembongan for 5 days, in which time i made my first trip to the hospital and had my first ever Local anaesthtic, and a fiar bit of my to nail cut waya due to a lovely infection i got somehow!! This meant i had to stay out the water for like 5 days, massive Bummer when you're on a tropical island.

Lembongan was wicked we went on some massive walks over the island hills, and saw some pretty wicked surf, an beaches, other than this we didnt see much, the island was so quiet, just motos and bicycles cruising the small streets.

We have headed back to Bali now, and are staying with a great group of Indonesian hosts in a small group of villas, they have been amazing giving us food as they have been celebrating the blessing of their Villa etc, and offering us Arak, their local Spirit which is pretty epic with orange juice, we were only planning on staying with them for about 2 days, but it soon turned into 5 due to their kindness and hospitality. But tomorrow we head to Lombok, which we decided we have to visit after a french dude raved about it, and it does sound amazing!!

Goose and I are Both now very healthy, and looking forward to lombok tomorrow,

Much love C&G

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Quick Catch Up

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So we are now in Singapore Airport with lots of time to spare, so i thiought i would write a little blog to keep you all up to date with where we have been and what we are up to in the next few days.

Since I Last wrote, on the 13th june we have made it out of Vang Vieng and made our way back to Bangkok for a day. The city had totally changed in its political situation, and there were no riots at all, the area we were staying in Khao San was much more of a pleasure to be in this time.
We went and wacthed New Zealand pull out a draw with some girls we keep meeting along the way, one of them from New Zealand was very chuffed, then we headed to Pat Pong Matrket for the evening.....

The day after we left for the coast, and after taking a bus down to Surathani,n we took a boat ride to the island of Kao To, which is a m,assive tourist attraction for Divers, it was a shame our budget didnt stretch to go diving as everyone who came back from there morning dives raved about it!

Ko Tao isnt a massive island so the day after we arrived we walked most of it, heading up to some pretty wicked viewpoints along the way. We spent around 3 days on Ko Tao, and During one of our walks, we bumped into Pedro and Alrana, who we had been with in Vietnam and laos and ow thailand, we just literally bumped into them on the beach random as ever.

We left Ko Tao on the 20th June to get to Ko Phangan, for celebrations on the 21st for my Birthday!!! Again on the way on the ferry we bumpde into the girls, and once we reached, Ko phangahn ended up sharing 3 bunglaows, with making a group of about 8, which was a good number to stat the celebrations of for my B day. Quite surprisingly i was up early, and one of the girls urged me to go for a run on the beach which was a surprising start, but after my energetic start it got very lazy, we all went for breakfast and headed to the beach for the day spending about 3 housr lying in the sea, couldnt have been much better.

In the evening, i was very kindly treated to dinner, and we chilled on the balcony for a few housr before heading down to the main beach to celebrate, where things got tres amusant.

the rest of Ko Phangan was much of the same chilling on the beach, but the reson we were there is to see the full moon party, which was epic so many people loving life on the beach, till the sun rises. the day of the full moon party we tride to do a bit moer of a touristy thing and visted the waterfalls, however we fogot to remember that it was the dry season and when we got there, it was a rock fall!

The morning after the full moon party, two very tired lads, had to get up at around half 9, finsh packing and make our way to Phuket, aftyer a few emotional good byes with the guys and girls wed been spending out time with over the last few weeks in Asia, we took a ferry and 3 buses to Phuket airport, and slept in the airport terminal, on the floor before getting our flight at 9.55 to singapore.

At the moemtn we are wasting time feeling a little sorry for our tired bodeis but cxant wait to get to Bali, to exploer another area of Asia.

I hope everyone at home is still enjoying the blogs and enjoying sme nice weather over thee as well.

Peace in the Far east C&G xx

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